a free 2019 calendar for you!

I posted this on Instagram but can't link to it properly on Pinterest so here's just a quicky post! I made a quick survey at the beginning of January to gauge interest in what products YOU want from Sketchy Notions.

Seeing as most of you that read this blog are the OG Sketchy fans, I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the chance to get the calendar either.

Just click this link here to take a quick survey and you'll get to download this darling succulent watercolor calendar!


the National Stationery Show 2018

One of the big accomplishments of 2018 for me was debuting Sketchy Notions at the National Stationery Show in NEW YORK CITY! For those of you not directly tied to the paper world, the National Stationery Show or NSS is a HUGE trade show for all things paper. Retailers come from all over the world to shop for their stores for the following year from their old favorites and also from new folks...like me! Big brands send people to source artists and designs to license from too.

When researching, I had a hard time finding information from fellow card makers about their experience at NSS so I wanted to do a bit of a breakdown of my time in NY and how I pulled it off!

FYI - this is a really long post so no hard feelings if you just want to scroll and look at the pictures ;)