Sketchy Notions, then and now

This past weekend, I had my last big market of the year. It was the most expensive market I've ever applied for and also the most successful market I've ever had. I first started selling at markets over 3 years ago, and it's kinda crazy to look back and see how far my products and booth has come. 

Below is a photo my friend Kelly took of me and my booth on Saturday after we got everything set up for the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles! Last year was my first time at this show, and it didn't go too well at all last year. I still ended up applying for it this season since it was such great exposure and fun to meet all my favorite makers in person. 

My location at Renegade this year was much better, even though the spot was a little strange and lumpy. In the end, it actually worked to my advantage and turned into my most profitable market ever. 

The photo above is from my market down at Rolling Greens Nursery in LA. This was a really fun market since they invited me to come and it was a beautifully curated market. So many warm fuzzies. 

Here are a few photos from one of my first markets ever, that didn't go quite as planned. Albeit I was doing some pretty cheap markets back then so a bad day of sales really wasn't all that bad considering. I've had some pretty awful markets over the years so it's really amazing that this year has been the first year of consistently killer markets! 

There are some little bits and pieces that have still carried over to my current booth displays but I love how clean and fresh my booth feels now compared to 3 years ago! I've changed and updated and tweaked my displays so many times, I've lost count. SO much has changed with my booth, particularly the size. There's no way I could go back to just one table, my inventory has grown too much! Plus one of my friend's made me the amazing wooden card racks in the top photos, which were a game changer for my booth. 

Over all, I'm really proud of how far Sketchy has come. I love where it was, I love where it is, and I'm excited to see where it will be this time next year. 

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