bits + pieces lately

The busier things get around here in the bubble, the less I end up blogging. Sadly it's easier to just upload a quick photo to Instagram than find some time to sit and type and edit photos. I'm waaay behind on updating my website with recent projects so hopefully before the summer madness kicks in I'll be able to catch up a bit! 

Here's a peek at what has been keeping me away from the blog lately...

1.  I've been working more with Arts Outreach this year, which has been awesome! Between teaching, I've been organizing and cleaning supplies in one of my classrooms and probably playing with the supplies more than I should!
    2. This was my most recent custom wedding guestbook that I made for a sweet girl that I met in Italy years ago! I can't wait until she gets married so I can share more photos of this album. 
    3. I recently collaborated with the awesome ladies at Dreamcรดte Wines in Los Olivos for a new label for them. We have a ton of ideas brewing for new projects too, I'm so excited! 
    4. My friend Kelly snapped this photo of me during my Words to Live By talk at Casa Dumetz last month! It was a bit insane of a night but so much fun! 

   5. I participated in a local art market a couple weeks ago with my friend Roni from Peace By the Sea. I always end up coming home from a market with a new necklace by her and some other treasures too. I found this Amelie Mancini tote at the Inez store booth! 
   6. I've been making SO MANY custom travel sketchbooks lately! This was the most recent one (and I'm binding about a dozen for a special event with Casa Dumetz in Los Alamos!)
   7. Last weekend I helped out at Mattei's Tavern for their Mother's Day event! A fellow artist from Arts Outreach and I crafted with the kiddos all day making flower crowns for their moms. Even the singer Pink came by with her daughter! So cute! 
   8. I recently did a couple interviews with some lovely creative ladies! Sabrina over at Hands and Hustle featured me and my art supply arsenal in her Tools of the Trade series a few weeks ago. The lovely ladies over at Dulcet Creative also featured a little interview I did for them as well! 

That's about it for news from the art bubble. Follow me on Instagram @sketchynotions to stay more up to date with all my projects and upcoming travels! 


Weekly Postcard Project update I

I can't believe I'm already 16 weeks into my Weekly Postcard Project! It really puts how fast this year is going by into perspective...

The project is going along great! I'll admit, some weeks have been easier than others to sit down and make a postcard in advance. Some weeks I'm up early on Saturday morning to get it watercolored in time to post. And I'm not always the fastest to get them to the Post Office. But I really, really love this project! 

So far the farthest away I've mailed a postcard is to Germany! Another friend in Canada got one too. But most of the recipients have been domestic addresses. I also had my first repeat winner the other week too! I like that people are still entering even after they've won! It's nice to see people Posting It Forward in a way to send their postcard to a friend or a sister. 
I think the must fun aspect of this project is making the photo each week. It has been SO FUN figuring out new ways to display and collage an image together for each week. I get kinda giddy looking at the #weeklypostcardlove hashtag and seeing all the images together. So far, I think the bicycle color wheel up above and the butterfly chalkboards have been my favorite. 

I've gotten better about taking the photos but also editing them as well. All I use is a few giant sheets of watercolor paper and a sunny hallway! At first I used my phone to take the photos but I've shifted more into using my camera every time so I can edit them up with Gimp before posting. And I always do a high quality scan of the postcard before I mail it off to its new owner! 

I decided that at the end of the year since I will no longer have any of the postcards, I'm going to have a book made through Artifact Uprising. It will be fun to flip through all the pages and see how each week progressed from one postcard to the next. 
There's still plenty of weeks left for you to enter to have one mailed to you too! Just follow along on Instagram and keep an eye out every Saturday morning! 

Did you really have your eye on one of the postcards? You can find prints and notebooks with illustrations from the postcards in the Sketchy Notions shop! I'll be adding more throughout the year too...
16 weeks down, 36 to go! 

Do you have any ideas of images you'd like to see on a postcard this year?