Katherine & Eric's Chicago Firehouse Guestbook

Hello again blog! The other downside to a lack of blogging and no access to my computer this summer is that I'm terribly behind on sharing my recent projects! Albeit, a few of my most recent project couldn't be shared until after my departure day. There were a couple that I finished right before I left that I absolutely love the results of! 

This wedding guestbook was such a fun challenge. Katherine contacted me about making a custom guestbook featuring the refurbished firehouse in Chicago that they'd be getting married at! It's such a gorgeous building, I couldn't resist.

I love painting buildings, particularly older buildings covered in brick. We decided to do a purple skyline of Chicago across the inside spread as well to go with their wedding colors. I really loved how this building turned out. I always love to get a project where I can just channel all my focus into the cover and a few small personal details.


Quinto the traveling sketchbook update

I fully intended to be a more active blogger this summer. But seeing as it's July 23rd and this is my 2nd post since I arrived a month ago, that didn't go as planned.

Another thing that hasn't gone exactly as expected is Quinto. I still have soooo many pages left to fill and so little time to do so. I may have added too many pages without taking into account that I would essentially lose a week of sketching during the Bellissima Art Retreat. We shall see what I have to show for this summer come August 2nd. 

Here's a little peek at what I've been working on. Some pieces of Assisi, Perugia, Castiglion Fiorentino, Lucca and Florence. There's more photos on Instagram under the hashtag #QuintotheTravelingSketchbook