Modern Colored Pencil - Book #3!

Hello Modern Colored Pencil! Aka...book number 3...whoa. It's really crazy to type that out. I never really thought I'd ever have a book one, let alone be on book number three. 

This new one started back in January with another quick turn around. My editor needed all the text and illustrations by June so this spring was a frenzy of finalizing details for my Wanderful Retreats, getting stuff ready for my own travels, shipping orders to wholesale accounts and getting this book finished up. 

I gotta admit...I really love how this one turned out. I thought I loved the first two but this third one is just so pretty to flip through. I love the content and the illustrations. And since I never really worked with colored pencils before (unless you count watercolor pencils), I pretty got to learn how to use these tools while making the book which was very exciting. 

Family book portrait! If you want a peek at some of the supplies I used to make the book, you can shop all my recommended colored pencil supplies right here on Amazon. And if you snag a copy on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble, I'd love it if you could leave a kind review too! 


Hello blog...long time no blog...

I've been pretty quiet on here yet again for an extended period of time. I didn't mean to, I honestly meant to try and use this space more during this year. But it's been a busy year. Really busy.

Within the last year or so I...

  • Moved to Pasadena, and then up to Berkeley 2.5 months ago
  • Wrote a third book. More on that tomorrow...
  • Grew my wholesale account stock list by A LOT
  • Hosted my 4th year of Italy retreats solo (finally) and under a new name, Wanderful Retreats
  • Filled my 8th sketchbook while traveling Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Italy) and Africa (Kenya, Zambia) with my bf
  • Attended my first market out of state
  • Traveled to teach workshops out of state

I've also got big plans for the coming year too! I already have my 2020 dates for another round of Wanderful Retreats. I've signed up for another stationery trade show, this time in San Francisco. I'm going to finally pull the trigger and make some Skill Share videos. And I've got plans to write/illustrate a 4th book solo!

So yeah, it's been busy. I've been pretty overwhelmed at times too which I haven't shared much of because I got busy and forgot about this blog and I've honestly become pretty disenchanted with Instagram. Yes, I love the friends I've made on there. But I LOATHE the gd algorithm. Those first couple years after the great Instagram follow of 2015 were great but to be honest I got a LOT of spam accounts following me. And if you know the Instagram algorithm (who really does though) the more inactive accounts you have following you that aren't actively engaging with your posts, then the less the app will deem your posts worthy of showing up in the feeds of those that legitimately follow you.

As a result I've been sharing less and less online, but sharing more in person at markets and via DMs and emails I get from people. I get a lot of questions about supplies, running my business, writing books, traveling, making stationery, making art and more. And I love answering these questions and I want to answer more. 

So my goal for the next year is to start sharing more and being more honest about this whole self employed business thing. How I got started and how it's evolved over the years. How to handle the highs and miserable lows of a business partnership. How to run a business in less than 800 square feet in an apartment you share with a significant other. How I shop and source supplies. And how to sketch and paint and all sorts of fun artsy stuff. 

I hope you'll follow along. If you have anything in particular you'd like to know about my work, leave a comment so I can hopefully answer your question in a future post!