Supporting Artists and Makers During Quarantine

Throughout this first week of "shelter at home" here in Berkeley, California, I've seen a growing number of artists voicing two things.

  1. How much these closures are going to hurt their business, both online or their brick and mortars.
  2. How much they want to help everyone else.

None of us know how long these closures and virus will be effecting our business and I feel it's more important than ever to help spread help (and social distanced hugs) to as many makers and people as possible. So I compiled a master list of a lot of the sales my friends are offering online, as well as the free activities and charities they're promoting in one spot!

Even if you can't contribute monetarily to your favorite makers, some other ways to help artists, musicians and makers are:

  • Share their work! On your Instagram stories, on Facebook or just forward their shop, music or work to your friends and fam. 
  • Like their posts, and comment! The algorithm is very skewed and dependent upon interactions. A quick heart and note how much you love it goes a long way. 
  • Send them an email or DM! I've gotten emails from all over the world from people that have found my books and it means so much to me! Especially when I'm having a crappy day. 
  • Sign up for their newsletters! This quarantine won't last forever, which means one day we'll be able to get back out to markets and shows again. Signing up for their newsletter is a great way to stay on top of future events of your favorites! Plus I know personally it's nice to see a new person sign up to my list! 
  • Leave them a 5 star review! Have you purchases from them in the past? Review their items to help encourage future shoppers to buy their goods! 

Have a friend or are you offering a discount?  Comment below and I'll add you to the list! 

Artists Offering Sales, Kits and/or Donating Proceeds 
(and just plain good folks that need some love right now):

  • Art Tool Kit | Maria at Expeditionary Art is having a spring cleaning sale on her pocket palettes and travel watercolor supplies! 
  • Banter & Bliss Candle Co. | Sheena makes some wonderful candles (and some that have our artwork on them!)
  • Jackalope Arts Fair | The gals behind one of my favorite craft markets put together a Social Distancing Care Kit with lots of goodies (including some of my coloring postcards).
  • Lavande Farms | My sweet Texan-turned-Californian friends make the most wonderful lavender products! 
  • Los Olivos General Store | My very first wholesale account was with this amazing shop! 
  • Ohmeed | Amal from Ohmeed makes beautiful modern heirlooms and is having a sale AND donating proceeds to Feed San Diego
  • The Paper + Craft Pantry | Our sweet friend Pei has some amazing stationery in her brick and mortar that she is selling online in Texas! 
  • Paper Raven Co. | Erin has a discount in her shop and every order donates towards planting a tree!
  • Poppy & Quail | This sweet mother/daughter duo have a sale on their coloring goodies! 
  • Unblushing |  Julie Ann is such an amazing maker (and new mom) offering free shipping! 
  • Worthwhile Paper | Kristen has a really wonderful encouragement and connection sale

Free Activities:

Italy Friends:
  • Vanessa Peters | This sweet friend is an musician raising money with her Kickstarter to fund her next album recording! 
  • DelBrenna Jewelry | My lovely jewelry making friend in Cortona have a sale AND are giving a sunflower charm with any purchase! 
  • Famiglia Buccelletti | Our sweet friends that own the villas we use during retreats have delicious wine (and ship to the states!)
  • Love Light Yoga Italy | My sweet Italy friend Katie hosts yoga retreats in Italy! 
I'm going to end this post with a cute photo of our new cat, Pepper Ferino, and a peek at one of the newest coloring pages! 


Art Studio Confessions: Surviving (and loving) craft markets

It's been a long journey from my first craft fair back in 2013. A LONG journey with many missteps, sunburns, profitless weekends and disappointing markets.

I wrote a blog post in 2016 about the changes I had made to my booths just over those 3 years. Now it's 2020 and while I'm still tweaking my booth with every market, I more or less have a system now for how I arrange my booth and prep for making every market a success. Or at the very least, enjoyable!

The photo above is from my last Holiday market of 2019 in San Jose and I loved this set up! Compared to the photo below of one of my first markets, my booths have come a long way.

I have a LONG list of tips I've learned over the years below and a big checklist at the very bottom of the post. If you just want the checklist, here's the link to it here but I hope you'll read on for more tips and tricks!

I also compiled an Amazon list of lots of items I've used over the years so here's a shortcut for your market prep shopping!