Art Studio Confessions: Why I Won't Shop On Etsy Anymore

I used to love Etsy. It has been a consistent source of revenue for Sketchy Notions and a wonderful way to grow my brand and audience over the years.

But over the last few years, Etsy has forgotten their original mission of being a marketplace that supports small makers. 

While I fully understand that Etsy is a business (and now a public company that needs to keep shareholders happy), they've made many moves that feel abusive of their power and the foothold they have in the handmade industry. 

In recent years they've made multiple moves and enforced programs that cripples makers and takes a giant chunk out of our income, leading many makers to close up their Etsy shops for good.

Click below to read more about how Etsy is hurting its makers, and how you can still support handmade makers and small businesses. 


Free Coloring Pages: Thank You Essential Workers

Hey friends. It's hard to believe 4 weeks of quarantine have passed and we don't quite know when it will end.

While it sucks to have life disrupted, there's lot of folks still working to ensure that what few industries deemed essential are continuing to run as smooth as they can in this crazy time. When my friend Michelle responded to my request for coloring page themes with "a thank you one that we can hang on our front door or in our window," I knew I had to do it. 

This newest collection of free coloring pages includes three designs that you can print, color and display where ever you know an essential worker that might need a little social distanced hug right now.

To get your free "thank you" coloring pages, follow this link here or click the photo below! If you use them, I'd LOVE to see where you have them displayed! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @sketchynotions

Need more coloring? Check out the original set of coloring pages here.