Farm Yard Family

I'm still slowly catching up on sharing all my most recent commissions. I feel like as soon as I finish one, three more come busting in! Which is great! I just end up falling behind on sharing them that much faster...

This sweet little book was another Christmas commission from last year. I made this one for Amanda, the founder of Old Yeller Ranch Rescue. The story follows her sweet little son and his adventures on his Grandmother's ranch with all her animals. You can see more photos of this sweet book on my website.


Papa's 75th Birthday Guestbook

Last weekend, my family descended upon Las Vegas to celebrate my grandfather's 75th birthday! It was a pretty bizarre weekend filled with nicknames, alpacas, drag queens and awkward family inside jokes. 

To commemorate the occasion, I made a little guest book for the whole family to sign. My grandpa lives in southern Utah so all the illustrations inside were reminders of Utah and his ranch. I particularly like how the cover turned out. It's a bit of a combo of my custom state watercolors and doodle cards. 

Here's a little peek at the book and there are more photos over on my website too!