Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What kind of paper/sketchbooks/watercolors do you use?
  • I usually use whatever paper is around. Typically a generic Arches or Canson watercolor paper. For watercolors, I always have a travel set of Windsor Newton watercolors. I prefer  Moleskines for basic sketching and I love to make my own sketchbooks, especially for my travels. These are my giant traveling sketchbooks so far: Terzo the 3rd | Quarto the 4th | Quinto the 5th

  • What do you use to sketch/watercolor when you travel?
  • Pretty basic stuff actually! I did a blog post that details my go-to supplies when I'm abroad. 

  • When you do a sketch, do you have your watercolors with you or do you wait to do the coloring at home?
  • Whenever possible, I will do the sketch and coloring on site. I don't like working from photos unless I have to. Some pieces, like the Revisit Project, I do the coloring on top of a black/white print of a sketch after the initial sketch but either way I prefer to do it all at once!

  • Do you have any published children's books available?
  • Not yet! I tried the normal route of sending my work to publishers with no luck. This year I'm going the self publishing route, stay tuned for my first release!

  • How do I order a custom piece? 
  • You can find all the details for ordering custom wedding guest books, photo albums or children's books in my Etsy shop, Notional Notions

  • How did you get started teaching?
  • I've been teaching in one form or another since I was in high school. I'm currently working with Arts Outreach, a nonprofit community arts organization that freelances artists out to local Elementary schools that don't have their own art programs or teachers. 

  • What is a signature, like in an artist book?
  • A signature is pretty much another word for section. If I say a book has three signatures with four folios, that means there's three sections of pages consisting of four folded pages in each section. That's all :)
Do you have a question? Send me an email! chelsea@sketchynotions.com

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