a little of Little Betsy

Little Betsy is a book project I've been working on this project for almost a year now. And it is finally finished. I'm absolutely in love with her and this book. It has taken soooo many hours to complete and get just right...

The book pages stack up neatly when folded up right and fit into a little box. Finally got to use my blue denim paper.

[more photos and inside the box after the jump...]

When it's unfolded....

It looks like this!

I had to make up a stitch that would allow the pages to be hinged together and still fold up like an accordian (a slightly deranged accordian) into a stack to fit into the box....

Backside of the unfolded book

It has been a challenge getting scans of the actual text and illustrations...as soon as I can access a scanner that works I'll put some of the illustrations up...

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  1. So cute! I totally wish I had half your artisic talent.

    Miss ya!


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