Dear Little Robert

My first commission!

This was a book for my aunt. Her good friend is having a baby soon so she asked me to make a book about their soon to be son, Robert!

For this one, I covered davies board in handmade paper to make the pages stronger so the book will hopefully last a long time.

I really enjoyed making this book. Just a strange feeling knowing I will most likely never see this book again. But now, on to detail photos and the story!

Dear Little Robert

Oh, dear little Robert,
I can't wait for you to see
all the places we will go.
Oh! The things that you could be!

Little Robert the fireman,
the engineer or even the doctor.
Who knows, my little one,
maybe a yoga instructor!

Be brave little Robert,
all the things we could do!
Ride horses, go boating,
it will all be so new!

Oh my little Robert,
all the people you will meet.
I know they'll all love you,
from your head to your tiny feet.

Our sweet little Robert,
all the love we will share.
Visiting family and friends,
to love and to care.

Oh, dear little Robert,
so grand this all must seem.
But, right now, close your eyes.
Goodnight and sweet dreams


  1. beautifully done.. I am sure they will all be thrilled!

  2. *tears*
    What a beautiful and most meaningful gift!
    Thanks for sharing, Ms. C.
    xo, K.


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