Good Old-fashioned Lover Boy

New goal! Actually submit to Illustration Friday more than 1 day before the deadline...
So! Here is my take on this weeks topic (a full 5 days sooner than usual): Old fashioned.

Besides giving me an intense craving to listen to my Queen vinyl,  the topic reminded me of things you'd find buried in an old jewelry box or decorating a vanity...dainty and delicate and dear...like lockets and doilies.


  1. I'm really feeling this one. It's different from the subjects I have normally seen you approach, but is still characteristically you. That is the great thing about IF. Kinda brings up a random topic that you can explore both personally and professionally. Lookin' forward to seeing more babe.

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    when I came to your blog from IF and I saw this little bird watercolor, I said: Oh Oh ... here is a good watercolorist.
    And I came to your blog. and found that not only are good watercolorist, also are good drawer.

  3. Hi Chelsea!
    I like your style! it was nice to look around here!

  4. Darling! He's the cutest thing ever! I love your watercolor style too! So delicate :)

  5. This is beautiful...
    I am loving looking at the other sketches on your blog too :)

  6. I immediately had the song from Queen in my head when I read your post!

    Your illustration is very beautiful.

  7. I love your illustration! it is so beautiful! x

  8. This is gorgeous!!! There are no other words. Beautiful work!

  9. This was one of my favorite images when I was looking through IF a few days ago--glad you want to join Watercolor Wednesdays!


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