Chocolate and Trees...

An odd assortment of sketches before I leave on fall break. This next whirlwind of traveling will commence tomorrow morning with a trip to Venice. Thursday morning I head to Belgium to eat my weight in chocolate and waffles. Then Monday I fly to Sicily via Milan for 3 days in southern Italy! I am so excited to break out the backpack and explore again...and ofcourse, make some new sketches and watercolors...

On to the sketches!
This past week I was able to tag along with Cal Poly on their trip to Villa Lante, near Viterbo.
Overwhelmingly gorgeous garden with so many fountains and ancient trees...felt like something out of the Secret Garden....
Afterwards, we stopped by the outlet mall in Valdechiana....odd place that was very much like California outdoor malls. Complete with cute Italian children and a carousel.

 Quick sketch in the dark during a classical guitar concert here at Santa Chiara.

The EuroChocolate Festival in Perugia! Delicious!!!

Time to pack! Until the next post of Venice, Belgium and Sicily!
A presto!

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  1. hey Chelsea! I love looking through your sketches... you are amazing. So talented, and I'm so glad you are finding the time to sketch while you are in Italy. Keep it up, you are wonderful.


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