Christmas gifts

Funds for this past Christmas were rather small so I ended up making sewing and painting most of my gifts.

My mum wanted an enlarged painting from my Italy sketchbook. This was the view out of the studio we used while staying in Castiglion Fiorentino.
At Christmas my family uses a draw for anyone who is 21 or over.... this year was my first year in the draw. I got my cousin-in-law Jessica, who was just married this past summer. 

She also graduated from the University of West Virginia. So I made her this little creeple.



Tis time for another sketchbook posting! These are few sketches and watercolors I've made since returning from Italy last summer.

Home! 01/10/10 at 1:10 in Los Olivos, CA

My littlest sister Sofia swinging while I was house sitting in Los Olivos.

Pulled over for a sketch break along the 101 South.

Austin, Texas:
View off my deck

Cloud watching break at UT

Epoch Coffee House in Austin

Another view of Epoch Coffee House

Kanab, Utah:
Sunrise at my grandparent's house up Johnson Canyon

Fishing in Johnson Canyon


Happily, the Really After

Seeing as the new year has arrived, I should probably catch up on updating the blog with my older work.
So! This is another children(ish) book I made. This one is from my first semester of artist's books. I decided to revise a selection of fairy tales and make them less idyllic and more realistic. I made a drop spine box to house the accordian book of the tales the watercolor illustrations.
Hopefully they are still readable from the scans. If they are not, let me know.