New Year!
Which means...new projects and plans...

First off: Etsy! I finally got an Etsy account and will hopefully finish some books using Blurb for my one of a kind children's books. I will likely post for sale some of the other handmade books I've made in editions. I'm still a little attached to my one of a kinders....

And! This year I hope to not only sell some of my books, but start sending some to publishers. Possibly/hopefully find an avenue for me and my little creations...

I would/should also become more active with both Illustration Friday, and Watercolor Wednesdays...

And on top of these plans, I'm heading back to Italy in a couple weeks! I still have some more updating of the sketchbook to do but my goal to fill an entire sketchbook with Italy/Europe sketches may be soon at hand...yay!

So! Here we go!
Etsy account, check! ( NotionalNotions )
Books to sell, in progress! ( Ruby, Sunny & Betsy )


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