Sunny's Garden

Sunny! She's done! At last! (tis time to work on other, more pressing projects anyways)...

Still no scanner...I am in dire need of one, especially with Livi & Grace getting started and another commission, Liam's Adventures! Spring is getting busy...

But here she is! My lovely little Sunny, my first book made/written/illustrated entirely in Italy!
Sunny's Garden

Sunny was a flower picker, t'was a habit hard to ignore.
As soon as spring arrived each year, she'd sprint quickly out the door.

Behind the house was her love, a floral treasure trove.
She was quite sure it was a garden to behold.

Sunny truly had a green thumb; she was known far and wide,
By neighbors who gossiped of the garden with wonders inside.

There were daisies, roses, marigolds and more.
Irises and crocuses, colorful pansies galore.

Daffodils and tulips, and petunias too,
Many of which came in an assortment of hues.

She would pick and pluck from left row to right,
From sun up, all day, until the eve of night.

Sunny then hauled all her bouquets back inside,
Filled every single vase and inhaled, happily, with pride.

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