Liam's Adventures!

At last! Liam is complete and ready to be shipped off to the states! I want to enjoy him for a little while longer before I may never see this little guy again. I've loved working on him but it is time to move on to other projects more in depth....So here is my latest little guy before he makes his next adventure to the states and then home to Australia!
Liam was a little lad who dreamed both far and wide,
to travel across all seven oceans and up great mountain sides.

He hoped to ride a camel 'cross the sparse Moroccan plains,
then traverse the African jungles in a jolly caravan.

After dining one night in Rome, with no less than the Pope,
Liam would then catch a flight to go ski an Alpine slope.

A quick trip to Paris, the lunch atop the Great Wall,
before a flight back west to see London's Royal Halls.

He'd then cruise South America aback a vintage motorbike,
being sure to make a stop for a brief Peruvian hike.

From San Francisco to New York, Madagascar to Tripoli,
there surely is no place too far for Liam's need to see.

After it all, he'd return safe to his cozy Australian home
and tell of all the places he was lucky enough to roam.

He'd chat all day with Annie and Lee then sleepily drift away,
back into his jet plane to explore all through the next day.

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  1. They all are so great! Wonderful story of his adventures.


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