A Sister for Mongo

Tyler's tale, A Sister for Mongo, is done and on its way to the states now!

I'm also using the first illustration for Illustration Friday's theme this week: sweep
(I'm thinking Mongo looks pretty swept up in the summer weather....just as I am here...)

A Sister for Mongo

Mongo was a happy dog, as happy as they come,
There's nothing he enjoyed more than laying in the sun
Or rolling in the grass, with Mom and Dad nearby,
Then lazily drifting away while watching clouds go by.

But as happy as he was, something was not right,
He'd toss and turn as he went to sleep at night.
Mongo loved his Mike and Erica, but something was not there,
He was sure of this, from his big wet nose to the last shiny tail hair.

He loved his furry friends but Mongo wanted someone new.
Someone kind, possibly his size, and to grow old with too.
Maybe throw a ball for him, the simple things he liked,
Someone to love and pet him, and sleep next to through the night.

Then, one joyful day, Mongo learned he'd get his wish!
Mom and Dad announced he would soon have a baby sis,
A sweet little girl to add to their happy family.
Mongo danced around and could hardly contain his glee.

Patiently he waited for the day she would come home.
Quietly he watched as Erica's belly continued to grow.
Day in and day out, Mongo sat cheerfully and dreamed,
Of his new little sister friend, how grand it all seemed.

Then on a beautiful summer day, Mongo got the call,
He barked and shared the news, with everyone and all.
"Her name is Tyler! She's coming home, it's time to behave my best
For my tired Mom and newborn sis need a quiet home to rest."

Mongo was so happy when he saw her tiny face,
Glowing and smiling, surrounded by delicate lace.
He was excited for the future and all the love they'd share;
Tyler's big brother, always by her side, to protect and to care.

the end


  1. very nice, lovely illustrations & story!

  2. what a lovely story and conratilations with Tyler!

  3. Such a lovely story and illustrations!

  4. What a great idea for a story! I love it.

  5. Lovely watercolours! They have so much energy and expression. And, the colours work so well with the creamy paper. :-)


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