sketchy notions

It's official! I have my own website! I'm so unbelievably happy to finally have one. It is high time that I got one and started getting more professional with my work. Next step...business cards!

Also! I've been getting a 2nd Etsy shop, heckyl & jyve, up and ready for my prints and less children's book oriented stuff.

AND! The icing on the happy cake for these past 24 hours...my sketchbook post was featured on one of my favorite sites, Craftgawker. Happy day!

SO! Check out my website if you'd like, sketchy notions. It has all my children's books, artist books, prints, photos and many things I never even put on this blog...for example, my little Belgium book (which was I actually photographed for the first time ever yesterday!)


  1. Congrats to you too on your site!! :) Your illustrations are amazing! You should check out my Dad's blog if you get a chance maybe. He was an animator at Disney for a long time and does a lot of animation and illustration work. His blog is www.christophergreco.blogspot.com or he has work on www.christophergreco.com also. I'm definitely going to send him your link to check out your stuff!

    1. Hello there! Thank you so much! I just checked out your Dad's site, he has some incredible work! The paintings, the illustrations, AND Lilo and Stitch! That's one of my favorite movies of all time! Fantastic stuff. Thank you for the tip to check out his work :)

  2. Congrats for your new website..!! It looks underdeveloped by now especially the navigation.


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