Eek! Prints! At last! I've been working on some print versions of a few of my illustrations...

& lovely owl is back! Only this time she's not declaring how damned lovely she thinks she is...

It was fun drawing this little one again. I had to resist writing "I'm so damn lovely" like last time...I'll keep this one PG for the time being.

The original troublemaker is up above.

This little baby is already up in my Etsy shop.  And I'm working on a print version of my Venice Revisit piece too! Busy busy busy...


  1. Hi Chelsea, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I just wanted to say hi again because I am in SB and love Los Olivos...we go up the valley often. I love finding bloggers who are in the same area. :)

    AND, I love, love, love your owl.


    1. Wow! That's awesome! After looking through more of your blog I'm surprised I didn't guess you were so close already! Nice to meet a local blogger :) Glad you like the owl too!!!


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