Italy film

My film from Italy has been staring at me. Giving me evil glaces and dirty looks. Swearing at me in Italian behind my back for never bringing them to their fully developed glory.

I was able to develop a few of my photos in the darkroom at Santa Chiara but was never able to address all 72 of my lovelies. After seeing this post on scanning negatives with a homemade adapter on TrueBlueMe&You, it was time to try and appease these long lost memories from Italia. 

Although the adapter didn't work, I found that scanning them straight worked alright. I've scanned and edited about 5 strips of film so far. These scanned versions will never live up to their developed potential, but for the time being I can flip through them and relive bits and pieces of last year. 


  1. There is something really really haunting and compelling about these Chelsea... They have a quietness to them, i think. Awesome idea :)

    1. I really love how ghostly they are. I hate that I can't get a quality scan of all of them but I really love how some of these are turning out so far. Thanks Ali-chay!


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