Friday Feature on Saturday: friends

Another busy week has come and gone. We had a good 4th of July but it didn't make the week any less chaotic. I had this post almost ready to post yesterday but didn't return to my computer between the hours of 7 am and 10:30 pm! And so...the Friday Feature this week is now on Saturday! Oops!

On to business. I am very lucky to have a lot of very talented friends. I have already mentioned the lovely and musically gifted Vanessa Peters, but this Friday Feature I wanted to highlight a few of my artistically talented friends. Their talents range from design work and typography all the way to photography.

First up, the lovely Miss Haley Adam. I met Haley in Italy nearly 2 years ago when we were both working at the same study abroad center. She graduated from Texas A&M with her Bachelors in environmental design, architectural studies, as well as a minor in art and architectural history. She is one the sweetest and most driven people I've met. One of my favorite things of her work was her series of small postcards she created while in Italy. She has such a unique way of using typography in her work. Even two years after it all, I still love (and want!) every one of them.

Next up is my buddy from the printmaking studios at UT, Michael Sullivan. Mikey is all over the board with his talents, ranging from darkroom photography to lithography printmaking, and even oil painting. He is truly a talented jack of all trades. He's currently living and working in Chicago, where he has branched into film making and more documentary photography. Of all his work, I am most in love with his photography, and especially his  photography around Chi-town at night. 

Last but certainly not least, is my friend Kate Rodgers. Kate is another lovely lady I was privileged to work with and become friends in Italy. I've mentioned her before as the fountain pen wielding master. Kate graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio, where she studied architecture. When we were both in Italy, I drooled over her sketchbook and the way she used her fountain pen with such confidence. With an eye for architectural details, her sketchbooks were filled with some of the most intricate designs, studies of buildings and spaces, with the loveliest twists to them at times. 

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