Friday Link Love

Busy and lazy, a dangerous combination...somehow during this very odd period of being very busy working and gleaning any bit of sunny spring outdoor laze time I can, I managed to reorganize my little art bubble. I'm rather pleased with the transformation! And the addition of some spring flowers...

Going with the busy/laziness... another week of no Friday Feature. Sorry folks, but I'm broke as a joke so time and all  efforts must go towards working/healing my ailing bank account. 

But! I offer you this compromise! Here are some lovely blogs I have stumbled on to lately (in my small moments of laze): 

  • Moorea Seal: I'm smitten with this blog. Gorgeous design, a jewelry maker and with a very interesting 52 week challenge. 
  • One Sheepish Girl: a crafting/knitting/crochet blog based in Dallas. Her blogging for confidence series is what really got me hooked. 
  • Him&Her: Such a pretty and clean blog, run by a newly wed couple with some fantastic photography. 
  • Design Love Fest: I'm really not sure how I am just finding out about this blog now. Great sense of  humor and all design/art oriented...I'm addicted. 
  • Julie Ann Art: This is my dream! Julie is a success story of turning her Etsy shop into a career, and her blog is also very inspiring! 

Sometime next week too, I'll be participating in a giveaway at Shell's blog Kitty And Buck so keep an eye out for that! 

Also, I'm sure it's pretty common knowledge now that Google Reader is vanishing. I'm not sure how widespread this little bloggy is in the world (are you there Universe? It's me Chelsea...) but if you are following along with Google Reader and wish to continue to following the sketchy notions (I have a Craft It Forward project coming up too, if that entices you at all!) maybe consider following with Bloglovin. It's my favorite way to keep track of all my blog addictions. 
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