branching out with spoonflower

My newest book cover designs!
It's day 8 on the blog every day challenge...so far I'm not doing too well with the challenge of blogging every day... Oh well, so be it. This week has been pretty crazy with market prep and working, and naturally, seeing as it is almost the 11th hour, I decided to carve and print new designs for book covers... and take on a quick house sitting gig... AND I'm brainstorming a 52 week challenge... 

I have the nasty habit of throwing many MANY things on my plate at once, so we shall see how this all turns out, blogging challenge included. And I'm a bit of a procrastinator (no surprise there..) but who says you can't start a 52 week project in the middle of the year? Just so long as you finish all 52 weeks of it, why would it matter when it starts! Plus, my 25 before 26 list didn't tie in with the start of the year so it seems to be a trend with my goal lists...

Anyways, the prompt for the Blog Every Day Challenge today is to write about a piece of advice you have for others. It's a little vague, so I'm going to direct it more towards other weird/artsy/creative/doubley weird people. My advice would be, don't be afraid to try new mediums and branch out. Before I went to Texas, I never had an interest in printmaking. Three years after college and I can't imagine my life without printmaking. Printmaking led to bookmaking and children's book illustrating, another thing I can't imagine not doing now. This bit of advice can be applicable to pretty much all aspects of life, but for creative types I think experimenting and branching out can be so important and useful in the long run. 

So in an effort to branch out this week, I opened a Spoonflower shop! Have you heard of Spoonflower before? It's a site where you can upload designs and people can order your designs as decals, wallpaper, giftwrap and FABRIC! How cool is that?! I still have to proof the designs to make them available for sale but check out my little Spoonflower shop if you'd like. Also this week until Sunday, there's free shipping available on my Society 6 shop too! Need a gift for Mother's Day? She may be a bit biased but my mum loves her Lovely Owl cell phone cover


  1. I got here from the B.You blog hop. I'm also doing the May challenge. Can't wait to check out your spoon flower shop! I'm always on the search for good prints for fabric. :)

    Xo Jerika @ http://everydaybay.blogspot.com

    1. This challenge is tricky! I usually don't blog this often but it's still fun! I'm excited to see how the swatches of fabric turn out too!


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