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I wish I had more to share these days but I've been permanently attached to my drafting table in the art bubble, with the exception of some very brief adventures out into the real world for some human interaction. Even the Post Office counts as an adventure these days...
For commissions, so far I have cranked out one custom children's book, a triple album of New York and I still need to put the finishing touches on the gigantic wedding album. On top of all that, I wrapped up two Holiday markets and stumbled onto another last minute mini market tomorrow! 
1. Some new card designs, artist books, winery art and Lola & Paige in progress. 
2. The Koehler Holiday Market was a lot of fun! They had us tucked back in the storage room next to these giant stacks of wine barrels. 
3. My little sister's school had a Christmas play and needed help with the backdrop. One of the moms and I busted out the base of a Christmas tree in less than three hours! That thing is gigantic! 
4. Society6 has had some awesome sales this past week! We snatched up a bunch of mugs with my designs on them, but unfortunately we can't keep any for ourselves...
5. My January cleaning has started early and I stumbled onto this poster I bought at a thrift shop back in High School. It finally found a home in my room next to my records and plasma cut steel art. 
6. My friend has the most mischievous little kitten named Gusteau. He's loving being able to hide under the Christmas tree and wreck havoc, and I want to steal him! 
7. Lola & Paige's custom childrens book all finished! I'll share some photos of her after Christmas. 
8. The New York triplets in progress! Another project I can't fully share until after Christmas unfortunately. On that note, it's back to the drafting table!


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