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Seems like there's a lot happening and still not very much going on...ya know? January is always a weird month. There's a lot of expectations that surround the month with resolutions and goals and fresh starts of all kinds. Then the month drags on for 31 days... And just when you think you've gotten your act together, it's February! Not gonna lie, I'm not in the mood for V-Day this year. It might be because I was designing my Valentine's Day line back in December...pre-holiday, post retail syndrome?

Fortunately I had my birthday to break up the monotony! Some friends and I spent the day baking and cooking then feasting upon our creations! Not a bad way to usher in my 26th year. 

Here's a peek at what's been happening via Instagram this past month...and some neat articles and things I've stumbled across on the Interwebs lately...

1. Did you know I just released a line of hand-printed goods in the Sketchy Notions shop?
2. Pretty sunrise to start my birthday!
3. We started the day by making some fresh rosemary focaccia bread. Followed by homemade ricotta raviolli with a roasted bell pepper sauce (no photos were made of the raviolli, we ate it too quickly!)
4. The final creation of the day: dark chocolate cake with basil buttercream frosting
5. We also took a quick break for some wine tasting at Bridlewood Winery

6. These little printed leaf towels are my favorite! Too much fun to photograph...
7. Not sure I ever shared photos of this sweet custom doily wedding album for a lovely lady in New Zealand...
8. My Arts Outreach classes are in full swing! Including a printmaking class...which is apparently very "harb"...
9. Putting the final touches on this adorable custom children's book commission

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