children, beasties and sad little flowers

Every semester in Lithography we have a themed book project. Last semesters was "Phobi-ology" (I used Cyprianophobia- fear of hookers). As fun as that was, this semester I was a little more PG. The semester's theme was "Opposology." My contributions to the book were these little prints.

The first two are imaginary versus reality... little imaginary beasties and their child actualities...the little beasties were my favorite to make. Both the kids and creatures are 3 runs of blend rolls.

These next ones were more of a Yes/No..."He loves me..."
And it's sad opposite...

These last two flower ones were inspired by this quote I stumbled upon...
"You put so much pressure on the even-numbered petalled flowers. It's not their fault he doesn't love you."

These final two prints were from the previous semester that I mentioned. 

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  1. Hey, that quote sounds familiar. :) I like the colors on the flower ones and the kids are so cute!



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