7 Deadly Sins

This semester in my Artist's Books class I was assigned to make an edition of 5 books. I decided to use my prints I made of the Seven Deadly Sins that I used in another book project (this one needs to be properly documented still)...

But here they are! And ofcourse, my camera's batteries died during all my excitement... so as soon as I get new batteries I'll properly document and post photos. These are just teaser photos I guess...

I used a Caterpillar stitch (but I think it resembles a Centipede more)...

This is my little 'Greed'

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  1. Chelsea,
    How awesome to have seen your work grow...and to have had the pleasure of being there to see it happen....I am so proud of you! The 7 deadly sins book is probably one of my favorites.........but Little Betsy is too....oh! so hard to pick one........
    Keep going lady! you will get far!
    Muchos besos de tu profe,


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