prints and prints and more prints

      These are some of my prints that I made this semester in my Advanced Lithography and Intaglio printmaking studios.  All of the warm toned/ black and white ones are Intaglio etchings based on my sketches I made while studying in Italy this past summer. The indoor scenes with people are from my litho class. All of the original Italy sketches are from this post: here-goes-nothing-here-comes-everything

Alley in Tuscany
(etching with aqua tints on chine colle)

The courtyard at Santa Chiara
(etching with aqua tints)

The Loggia in Castiglione Fiorentino
(etching with aqua tints)

"Friday Night In"
This was for our end of the semester Litho trade portfolio

(Four color runs with xerox transfers)

(3 color runs)

This one still needs work but this print was made on a copper plate that I purchased this summer at Zecchi's Art Store in Florence.

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