2nd 'Homes'

While here in Italy, the majority of my time will be spent in two places: the kitchen and the bar at Santa Chiara. I thought it would be interesting to draw both of these spots considering how much time is spent in either of these spaces and how they'll be 2nd homes niches during my time here.

View from behind our bar, In Bocca al Lupo (In the mouth of the wolf).

The kitchen! Where tasty food is made, and testaquadras congregate!

So far, it is going pretty well here. The first batch of kids leave this week. Then we have a week off before the next group arrives! During this first break I think I'm going to head to Rome and southern Italy. Possibly, (hopefully!) search for a beach to sleep on and sketch!

I've also been trying to spend as much time out in the courtyard. There was one particular day during our mellow week (all the Universities were on trips) that is was very picturesque in the afternoon, prompting a watercolor postcard :)

Also in our bar, we have this big chalk board. It has always had an awesome drawing of the She-Wolf but it sadly got erased on accident one night. So I drew something new on the board...

So, until...the next time I get around the updating this thing...a presto!

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  1. you should know that sleeping on beaches is way overrated. too much mixture of camping, hoboism, and sand. have fun!


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