sketch sketch sketch

Alrighty. I've been here nearly a month now, it is time to put up some sketches! It has been very busy so far but it is also very good. Slowly finding some time to get lost in town again and find some sketches.

From the plane ride over. Met two really awesome people. An Iranian man from LA named Ali on my way to North Carolina. And then a ceramicist that teaches at Trinity on the flight to Rome.

First sketch in Italy! A few of us went to Arezzo for our first day in Italy.

The courtyard at Santa Chiara, where I spend the majority of my free time.

A little alley I stumbled upon yesterday. I was wandering along and found a very friendly cat who wanted to pose for a bit.

I'll get some more sketches up as soon as I can. Possibly just a post of photos soon too.
A presto!


  1. ditto what scott said. you are amazing.

  2. ... and then your penwork is awesome too! I am finding that you're an adventurous soul ... as a traveler AND as an artist!

  3. the bridge in your sketch of Rome is the room office of a my friend, I'd like to publish them of my guide of Rome but only if i can... 
    It is a my personal no-profit project about places of Rome ... your style is perfect to get a view of tris street !!

    1. Which sketch? The bridge in these sketches is from Arezzo. Let me know which sketch it is and send me and email so we can talk about the Rome guide.


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