Oh Toscana...

Fall is nearly over. It's becoming harder to find free days of good weather sit outside long enough to get a good sketch. We've had a few in these past weeks that I was able to take advantage of.

I also found a bottle of brown India ink...that for some reason, looks purple on paper!
This one is from the courtyard here at Santa Chiara.

Every spring and fall semester, the RCs put together a memory book of photos of the students and their travels through Europe. Past memory books have all had the same cover, a photo of the courtyard years ago with the old oak tree in it. Well, the oak tree is long gone. So I made this watercolor for this years fall memory book.

Last week, I travelled with the Cal Poly students to visit San Gimignano. The town is known for its collection of medieval towers.
But also...for the views of the surrounding valleys...

Another 'brown' India ink painting....of Arezzo.


  1. They all have this great atmosphere, you can 'taste' Toscane.

  2. Nice sketches chelsea! I like the top one the most. You caught the light and tonal values so well.


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