WCW - Children Playing

This is my latest submission to Watercolor Wednesdays. The theme for this week was: Children playing.
It reminded me of how much I used to love playing with boxes and cardboard, and also how, as kids, we were always quarantined outside to play while the adults cooked our holiday dinners!


  1. These children are having fun - great illo.

  2. I love this picture it is so through a cardboard box is a still memory in my mind, ohh what fun we did have and the adventures we went on just with a cardboard box. I often see my own children when we get something new that envolves a oversized cardboard box they would play for hours a joy to watch. Thanks for bringing back those memories, keep up the great work :))

    1. So glad you liked this! I miss the good ol days of cardboard boxes :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's an older piece but I still love it too!


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