treefort for vanessa

I had a quick little commission from my good friend Vanessa Peters this week. I met Vanessa when she was my RC at Santa Chiara the first time I visited Italy, nearly 3 years ago. It's interesting how it's all come full circle with me becoming an RC at SC, thanks to plenty of help from her!
Vanessa asked for a treefort/house design for the t-shirts to promote her next album. She is also working on raising money to fund this next album/tour/adventure with a kickstarter. Take a minute to listen to some of her amazing music and help her out if you can, she's an amazing person and a wonderful musician that needs a little love to spread her music around the globe :)

In bookmaking news, I sold my first commission on my Etsy to wonderful woman in Canada! The book will be about her little niece Aubrey. So far, it's coming along great! I'm so happy to have such a wonderful (yet nearly a stranger) to collaborate with. Pictures of "Dear Little Aubrey" to come soon, she should be done within the next 2 weeks!

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  1. I wish I had stumbled across this blog when my kids were younger. They could have used a great tree house.


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