IF: Imperfect

A quickie for Illustration Friday this week: imperfect.

Most people have probably encountered the perfectly, imperfect self-administered haircut at some point...

I have an image of a pixie cut little girl floating through my head these days...possibly a new book in the works soon...

Been very busy lately...too busy to do much of any art sadly. A new book commission in the works too. I've fallen behind on the old ones as well... oi vey.... vabbè, back to the drawing board.


  1. Oh! I love this! Several years ago, I was having dinner with friends whose second child Hannah was about 6 or 7 and had disappeared upstairs, when she resurfaced, half her hair was butchered! Her mother Erica looked at her, put on a stern face and reprimanded Hannah for using scissors unsupervised. Hannah sadly stood there as Erica swiftly ran into the other room...she looked to be sobbing, but alas, she was laughing so hard but needed to hide it from her daughter. It could have been such a disaster, but luckily it wasn't and you have perfectly portrayed Hannah...It's wonderful! Thank you for the lovely work and memory. I will be sending this to Erica.

  2. beautiful illustrtaion. terrific coloring.

  3. I gave myself a dramatic haircut the day before school pictures when I was eight. My Mom wasn't home, and I was unhappy with my 'bad hair day'. Dad didn't know what to do with my hair (why would he, really?), and I decided to take matters into my own hands. The efforts are permanently recorded in my school yearbook! :-) Oh well! Great illustration!

  4. Lovely and yes, had experience of that!!

  5. Love this .. It must strike a chord with everyone. I too turned hair dresser at 6. I cut my friends hair 2 days before she was to be a bridesmaid/flowergirl. she was 6 too.


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