Dear Little Aubrey

Aubrey is completed! She is currently on her way to her new home in Nova Scotia. It's still a weird sensation putting one of these guys in mail, knowing I will likely never see this little creation ever again in person. Vabbe'.....
On to the story!

Dear Little Aubrey

Dear little Aubrey,
so big you have grown,
how sweet you have become,
all the promise you've shown.

But there’s so much more to do
and a lot more room to grow,
many great things for you to be
and grand places for you to go.

You could go abroad
and see everything far and wide!
Travel by plane, boat and caravan
with cousin Jesse, by your side.

You can see the world!
Oh, wouldn’t that be grand?
Aubrey, you can see it all,
from every ocean to far off land.

You two can be Prince and Princess
and travel all throughout the land,
make friends with all your people
but being sure to lend a hand.

You’ll fly with dragons, swim with mermaids,
ride horses ‘cross the plains;
and remember to write home
about all these places you have been.

And don’t forget my dear,
all the great things that you can be;
A great singer, artist or ballet dancer,
so many choices, don’t you see?

Or maybe be a teacher!
How proud your mom would be.
Miss Aubrey teaching her lessons,
how to count, one, two, three!

You are sure to be amazing
at whatever you choose to be.
Be it baking cakes or skydiving,
writing books or taming bees. 

Maybe singing in an opera,
or making friends with Kings and Queens.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be an astronaut
all by the time you’re three!

And you won’t have to go very far
to find people who love and care.
There’s always Mom, Dad, Tucker,
Aunt Jill and Jesse, who will all be there.

But right now, dear Aubrey,
seeing as you’re only one,
just be sweet, grow up slowly,
be a good girl and have fun!

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  1. WOW! I love this little book. The whole thing is a piece of art. Great job Chelsea. xxx


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