Italia as of late....

Fall has arrived to Italy! So far it's gorgeous, and still behaving summery farther south....so! I was able to snag a quick trip to southern Italy this past week. We stayed in San Agnello, a small town just north of Sorrento. On our last full day, the girls and I rented a boat for the day. It was incredible driving on the Mediterranean and cruising down the Amalfi coastline for the day. We stopped in Amalfi and in Positano to sketch during the day and also drove out to Capri. Great day!
View of the Sorrento harbor, and one of our potential boats!

Small town by Amalfi from the water....

Positano from the harbor

Earlier this week, my friend Hannah and I went over to Cortona for some lunch and sketching of the alleys.

In other news, Aubrey is nearly done! I'll post her on here as soon as I get her all scanned in and shipped off to Nova Scotia!

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  1. Oh My Gosh!! It looks like yyour just having a whirlwind of adventures! I hope your enjoying your time and tell Hannah CIAO for me!!!



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