The Adventures of Ross & Lola

New blog look! It was time for a change...I'm test driving this new look for the time being and so far I love it!

I've been working on a new book, involving my little lovely round owl, who is now named Lumen! She will be joined by some friends as well...this book will be made specifically for turning into a real book using Blurb so hopefully I can get that written/illustrated/printed & up on Etsy really soon!

In the mean time, it's high time I uploaded my latest commission book. This book was written for one of my friends from Italy, about her two children Ross and Lola, and their lives living between Italy and the United States.

It was another really fun book to write and illustrate, especially since I know a lot of their family and have spent a lot of time with these kiddos. Unfortunately, I was unable to get to a scanner before I took off so some of the photos are a little crummy...

Vabbè! Here are the Adventures of Ross & Lola!


There once was two children
named Ross and Lola
who split their home
between the US and Italia.

School years in the states,
full of Texas sun and thrills.
Then off to Castiglion Fiorentino,
tucked into the Tuscan hills.

Between Italian and English,
they made friends far and wide.
In vineyards and bluebonnet fields,
under enormous star filled skies.

As they grew older,
the need to travel stayed strong.
Off they'd jet together,
into the wild unknown.

Lola, the sweet little girl,
with personality like no other,
would charge into the wilderness
carefully watched by big brother.

Ross was their brave leader,
across all continents he'd lead.
From Asia to Europe, Africa and beyond,
the Versari siblings, wild and free!

But the duo would always come home
to be with their mama and babbo.
Bacini for all, buona notte a tutti,
until the next adventure tomorrow.

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  1. I might need an illustrator for a children's book I wrote that focuses on autism. Interested? mschlags@msn.com

    Mike Schlags


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