introducing Tuttles!

The last of my little owlets for Lumen is done! Here is Tuttles, Lumen's little brother. And I think he's pretty freakin' adorable!

What a sight to see, these sweet little three,
With Lumen in lead, dancing all day,
Then Basil behind, beak buried in a book,
And Tuttles at the rear, humming along the way.

So next up, time to draw out the rest of the pages and the little details then get it all into Blurb and printed! Huzzah!!! Getting closer to the first real book...

In the mean time, been pouring over an old Bon Appetit issue on Italy and now need to make some sweet potato gnocchi tonight...a variation on the last time I made it so hopefully it will be just as tasty.

Going to try to crank out another image for Illustration Friday, Livi & Grace and Lumen all this week...oi vey... going to be a long week...

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