snail mail

I started making some cards from some scraps of lace, watercolor paper and paper bags I had lying around in my little (big) mess of an art bubble... so happy to have found another use for the piles of paper bags have lying around.        

I'm pretty happy how these turned out, for how randomly they came to be created too! I'll be sending them up to my friend's gallery in Los Alamos, The C Gallery, where they'll be for sale for Mother's Day! I think I'm going to make a couple different variations of them too.

I especially love the sewn paper bag flower detail...I used the same shape for when I made my Daisy Chain Box series back in school...and I love to have any excuse to sew on paper and use some ombre effects.

I got the idea for the tags on the envelopes from a post I found through Craftgawker. It was actually for making a stamp but I didn't have anything to make a stamp out of so paper bag cut outs resulted instead!

My little art bubble has been a pretty big disaster zone lately but I really love how some cute and random things can spontaneously occur in it...and that it somehow still makes for some lovely pictures among the mess...

( I converted my little fennel jar that I found awhile back into a little glue jar...)

Both of these scissors are my go-tos for sewing projects. I found the big Gingher scissors and the tiny crane ones among my Grandma's (equally disastrous) sewing center...I guess messy work bubbles run in the family... 

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