It's been a long time since I made an edition of an artist book. I always love the finished collection and how they all look together as a group, but I forgot how time consuming they are...just as soon as you finished up a cover board, you remember you have to do it 9 more times. Troubleshooting also becomes a problem...you change one detail, then have to repeat it 4 more times!

Vabbè! I started making this edition of 5 the other night to accompany the cards I stitched up for Mother's Day at the C Gallery. They will be for sale up there and there will be kind of an artist presentation of all the goods for sale on May 5th.

They're still a work in progress and I'm actually going to make a separate larger version (left photo right above) of the book outside of the edition (from the pieces after the first revision to the book...) but they make for some nice photos on a dreary day.


  1. Every time I read your blog I say to myself "oh hey I want to practice making little gorgeous books and being crafty outside of doodling the sides of my art history notes" and then I inevitably get lazy and never make myself a little book. I miss your golden locks and adventurous spirit! Hope California is treating you nicely

    1. Ciao bella! Well I think you should take an afternoon and make a book out of your art history notes! Hope Colorado is lovely for you all :)


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