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It has been almost 4 months since I left Italy...an extremely depressing thought that I would like to remedy ASAP! I will hopefully be making a trip back over to visit in August but in the meantime, I'm getting pretty stir crazy for some adventure.

The road trip to Austin, Texas helped stave off a bit of the wanderlust, and I'll be making a quick trip up to Monterey, California with my littlest sister next week (finally get to visit il vecchio for some awesome Italian food and see all the incredible woodwork by the amazing Ariele Alasko). But it's hard to compare a roadtrip to hopping on a plane for a weekend in Sicily...or drawing a fake Danish town versus the Trevi Fountain or the Eiffel Tower...(sounds spoiled, I'm sorry but it's hard to give all that up...really hard!)

As a result, I've been drawn to more travelling, artsy and vagabond-y items on Etsy lately...made up a little collection of them. Now if only I had both the money for a plane ticket and to buy all these lovely items! Back to slaving and working away it is then...

'artsy vagabond' by NotionalNotions

a collection for taking the art making on the road...

















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