happy tech day!

Big day for being a computer nerd, which is saying a lot for me since I have little to NO computer skills. Nada! Zero! Coding...no way! Html...wtf?!

But today I had a breakthrough with my technology inadequacies.... you see those white text links to the right underneath my profile link? I made them! Stoked! Guess there's some tech hope for me after all (unlikely)...albeit it's a baby step, but I'm still pretty freakin' pleased with myself!

I also finally got around to making a facebook page for my blog/Etsy/everything! If you feel so inclined, you can check it out here. (or follow the snazzy new link to the right!)

I've been making TONS of cards for Mother's Day and my shop, but I've also been making a lot of Pearl Snap earrings (4 pairs sold already!). I'm expecting an order of a bunch of different colors soon so new ones headed to my shop!

Also, there's a little something brewing regarding the earrings which will hopefully happen next week! So keep an eye for that!

Some little peeks from around the bubble...there's a lot going on in it now! Stamping, figuring out packaging, envelopes, watercoloring, the array of tools I'm using...looks kind of a like an art bomb went off.

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