Friday favorite: Fred Lynch

Time for my other art love, location drawings. 

I was first introduced to the term through the group/site Urban Sketchers. I became a member a few years ago and it's a constant inspiration to look at their site and see what people are drawing on site all over the world.

On of my favorite artists I've found through the group is Fred Lynch. I may be biased since a large chunk of his work has been created in Italy but his work captures Italian life/culture/architecture/light in such a unique way. He has a knack for capturing the minute details of Italy that are quite often overlooked, and then making them extraordinary. 


He is also a very talented painter, as you can see on his site. Lynch teaches at both Monserrat College of Art and RISD. He also leads a class in Viterbo, Italy every summer. I always wanted to pop down there and see his work in action but it never happened. Another item  still on the art bucket list. 

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