Giant Handmade Card, Round 3

I recently got a commission on Etsy to make another Giant Handmade Card. This one was for a lovely lady out in New York. It was commissioned for her boyfriend's birthday. 

After tossing some ideas back and forth we decided on the theme "night sky," with a bunch of deeps blues and purples swirling around.  I really love how this one turned out, and I hope they're both just as happy with the results. 

I think I used 3-4 different kinds of fabric and 3 different papers, all of which had both a shiny side and a matte side to utilize. It's hard to capture the colors from the fabrics since the iridescent shades catch the light in different ways. 

The inside of the envelope was lined with shiny silver paper and some galaxies and stars are on the front. 


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