Friday! (features)!

Such a lovely day already! To wake up and check out All Things Paper and see my giant wedding card featured on there! Stoked!!! Definitely made my day, and it's barely 8 am!

I've been meaning to do this for a while but have been putting off for a while... 
But with the tone of the morning, it is time!

I'm going to start featuring some of my favorite art and artists that I've swooned over the past years. It's a very varied assortment, from traditional artists turned tattooists, to bookbinders and home printmakers.

 There's a lot of inspiration out there that needs to be shared. Good art karma needs to be spread!

So, andiamo! My first feature is Serena Olivieri, and Italian woman working and living in Madrid, Spain. Her work makes me want to drop whatever I'm currently doing and start binding a book on the spot! The detail that goes into her hand bound creations is astounding! She also illustrates and makes small videos too. I especially love these notebooks with the cutouts on the covers.

I love the detail on the cover of this photo album/journal. She has some amazing work. Serena sells some of her work on her Etsy shop, and she has an addictive tumblr too.

I hope you check out her work, she really is inspired. And check back next week for another feature....I'm feeling some tattoo art coming on....


  1. I'm glad you were delighted to be featured, Chelsea - it was my pleasure! The detail in Serena's work is beautiful... off to check out her site.

    1. Still so happy!
      Serena has some lovely work! I think you may really like it, especially since it's all paper related!! :)


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