why did I do this?

Occasionally, I start a project and instantly regret doing so. I know immediately from the get-go that it's going to A. take forever, B. drive me crazy, C. have horrific results, or potentially in this instance, D. all of the above.

I saw this gigantic gorgeous friendship bracelet/cuff on Free People. Not wanting to pay $228 for a string bracelet (and being extremely stubborn), I decided to make one myself.

After a few days of working on it, I now understand why they charge over $200...

10 different colors. 40 strands of string. At about 60 inches long each. Oh madonnina.

 I know in the end I will love it and wear the bloody thing to death...but right now, I just want to make the whole knotted thing into a giant knot and use it for kindling....with summer coming, I've been craving s'mores lately too so the temptation is two-fold!


  1. Wow, what pretty colors, but I can't imagine dealing with the tangled knots - it must be one of those things that either calms a person or brings on tears! Well-deserving of the high price. I hope you'll show the finished bracelet. There, now you have to finish it. :)

    1. I will definitely post the final bracelet! That is, if it is ever finished in the near future.... thanks Ann :)


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