bits & pieces lately and a giveaway!

There's a lot happening lately! A lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's...

This past weekend I participated in the Mother's Day gathering at the C Gallery. It went really well! I sold a bunch of cards, AND one of my Daisy Chain artist books! I had just brought it to advertise for my bookmaking workshop this summer but a lovely lady wanted to buy it as a gift for her friend! Stoked! Also exciting, the fliers have been printed for the workshop...time to start planning!

On to Lumen! As much as I want to keep posting regular updates of the illustrations, this is going to be the last real peek until the book is finished. Gotta keep something for a surprise! I finished another illustration yesterday and these little owls just keep making swoon!

Been making boxes like crazy for the pearl snap earrings. And sketching up a storm. And making earrings and bracelets like a madwoman...and in the midst of all this crafting and arting mayhem, I got this lovely surprise in the mail the other day...I'm officially a card carrying member of SCBWI!!!

And the last bit of lovely news! And it's big news! During this week over at the lovely Kitty's blog, A Law Student's Journey, there is a giveaway of a pair of my Pearl Snap Earrings! Check it out and enter if you would like to win a pair!


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