grown up friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are addictive. You can never just make one or wear only one! I like that there's a frenzy surrounding them again, but I think they also need to be brought off the playground and into the big kid world sometimes...

After seeing this tutorial for macrame bracelets, I started playing with the same silk cord and knotting up a good 'ol friendship bracelet...but sort of a big girl version!

The bracelets are made the same way as the normal knot tieing friendship bracelets but this version has real clasps instead of tieing it on (I always end stretching mine out from pulling them on and off), nicer quality string instead of embroidery thread, and a little bit of something pretty in the middle...and so continues my addiction for playing with pearl snaps...

I also changed directions of the rows so they all kind of point towards the center where the pearl is.

The simple macrame bracelet tutorial was also super easy to follow, and has some lovely results!

The pearl snaps also added a pretty touch to some of my old tie on bracelets! But I really like how they look with the clasp and the nicer string...and the color combinations are just as fun as the normal version.

Update: I put the lovely lime green and purple bracelet in my Etsy shop if you would like to have it for yourself! (or maybe for a Mother's Day gift...)

Double Update: This bracelet has been purchased! Hooray! But if anybody is craving one, I think I can be persuaded to make another.... :)


  1. Very cute. Just graduated so these will work as a good-bye gift to all the friends who will be going away for college :)

    1. I love them! I wear mine almost every day. They would make great gifts for recen grads :)

    2. Very nice, great idea. Would love to teach children how to do this bracelet, would you mind??? Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.

    3. Of course I wouldn't mind! I learned how to make these when I was pretty little, they're a little tricky at first but they're addictive once you figure it out! Much easier if you have all the strings going in one direction sideways instead of converging in the middle. Have fun!

  2. What type of threads you used? is there a tutorial video please?

    1. Hi! I think it's called Chinese silk cord, I bought it in Italy but I'm sure you can find it in the states as well. It costs a little more but it looks much nicer than plain 'ol embroidery thread! Sorry no tutorial video, my video skills aren't very good!

  3. That's so cute! My almost 7 year old daughter was just telling me how much she loved bracelets. Her birthday is coming up in October. This is going on grandmas list! Thanks for sharing!

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