I want Lumen done and in print. I want to be able to hold her in my hands as a finished product instead of a handful of watercolors. I want her in my Etsy shop and on bookshelves.

I want all of this...by June! Eek!

I've been procrastinating working on her...well, I've really just been focused elsewhere with Livi & Grace and pearl snaps lately, but either way, she has been neglected lately and that needs to be fixed!

The text is complete. I've started formatting the book already. I just have about 5 or 6 more illustrations to do for the book to be ready to be printed! Time to get sketching!

With books and illustrating back on the front burner of my brain, I made a little Etsy treasury of all my favorite paper/book related items.

'books&paper&words&more' by NotionalNotions

books//journals//text//cards//words in many different shapes//forms & with infinite possibilities

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