the dress

I have a wedding dress!!!!

Not for me! Oh no, definitely NOT for me! 
But, I do have a wedding dress in my possession....

 A woman that works with my mum was going to throw away or donate her wedding dress because she feels like she's getting old and that no one in her family would want it. We were so sad to hear her story that we couldn't let her just toss out something so precious. 

Soooo (being the hoarder and designated re-purposer in the house) I volunteered to take the dress and turn it into some form of a special keepsake for her. Little did I know that this dress would be so stunning and detailed. Is it wrong that I was hoping that it would be kind of ugly? For potentially less guilt cutting it up and turning it into something else.

I'm not sure what to do now because I don't think I can bring myself to cut this lovely piece up! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any tips out there?

Please forgive the crappy photos...these were taken around 6:45 am this morning! 

There's a reason for the super early photo shoot: I have also officially started summer. 
Meaning I have no free time to blog or craft or sleep or eat unless I'm doing it at one of my 4 jobs. My typical weekday this week starts at 7:30 am at swim team, followed by swim lessons and then ends at 4 with a weaving workshop. Unless it's today and ends at 8:30 because I have to go to my other other job! Oi freakin vey. I haven't felt this level of thorough exhaustion since I first started working in Italy! It will die down to a manageable form of chaos soon but for the time being, blogging and life will be at an all time low...

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  1. I will take it off your hands!! LOL It is so beautiful I would frame it maybe? In a home made frame out of rough barn wood and sit the crown on top, maybe pin a photo of her when she wore the dress on it?


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