Friday Features: Favorite Etsy shops

It never ceases to amaze me all the talent that there is on Etsy. There are some incredibly crafty and artistic people out there, all selling their goods via Etsy. Nearly ever time I log in, I find some new item I must have or a new artist I have to learn about. 

For this weeks Friday Feature, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite stores I've come across. All four of these shops are run by some ridiculously talented ladies who are all making unique and beautiful things, everything from prints and illustrations, to handmade jewelry and purses. So, on to the shops- - - - - - - 

My first favorite shop is Mirilovelove, run by the very sweet and multi-talented Erin McManness. I first discovered Erin through her blog and illustration work, but soon after fell in love with her shop. Erin creates some gorgeous pieces of jewelry that she hand sculpts from polymer clay and combines them in unique ways with stones, beads, vintages pieces and decorative metal pieces. Erin's favorite pieces  to create are the whimsically shaped flowers and petals in her collection of Bridal Necklaces. She hand carves and sculpts each petal from their preliminary sketches into stunning flowers. (they're my favorite too!)

White Flower Bridal Necklace with Vintage Center
Purple Flower Necklace
Feather Necklace

This last image is from her Sporting Couture collection of illustrations she created this semester while studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Illustration! Erin is definitely an extremely talented, multi-faceted artist with her beautifully handcrafted jewelry and impressive illustration and drawing work. 

Caroline Greco is the very gifted mastermind behind my next favorite shop, Cold Hands Warm Heart Crafts. She is another very talented individual, coming from a very artistic family and having studied art at the University of South Florida. Caroline creates some lovely items, everything from key fobs and dog collars to make-up pouches and full size purses! All the while using some of the most fun fabrics I've seen on Etsy. Her purses and clutches just look happy! And are obviously meticulously created with a lot of care and attention to detail. 

Pleated Polka Dot Clutch
Teal Pleated Clutch
Plush Zipper Pouch
Aside from her lovely purses, one of favorite things about Caroline is that she also posts  tutorials for lots of purses and pouches and bags over at her blog (including the gorgeous messenger bag in the last picture above!). She always has something inspirational and beautiful brewing there. 

My next favorite Etsy shop is JooJooLand, created by the lovely Afsaneh Tajvidi, or Afi for short! She is originally from Tehran, Iran, but is now living and creating jewelry and art in Canada. She has such a wide array of dainty and delicate and gorgeous bridal and feminine everyday jewelry. There are so many pieces in her shop that I crave to own. All her photos of items are also so perfectly composed. 

A Girl Who Loves Orchids Necklace
Exotic Sea Coral Necklace
Little Feather Earrings
Keep Calm & Carry On print
Afi is yet another multi-talented artist. She also has a second Etsy shop full of prints of all sorts of adorable creatures and inspirational images. I especially love her little snails! She has also hand sculpted a lot of her little creations into little creatures. This lovely lady also has equally lovely blog, where she posts the cutest collages of her jewelry collections and drawings from her sketchbooks. 

There's no question as to who is behind the aptly named and very inspiring shop ShopKatharineWatson. And it's also no wonder why I love Katharine's shop, seeing as it is full of hand carved and block printed designs. Most of which are floral and very intricate. Katharine is an extremely talented printmaker who hand carves and block prints her work in a variety of forms, everything from pouches and journals to Organic fair trade tea towels and cards. She uses such great bright colors for them too. 

Block Printed Stationery
Block Printed Notebooks
Block Printed Monogram Card & Envelope
Katharine was also lucky enough to spend 3 months at the beginning of this year traveling through Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and India studying printing, weaving, textiles and embroidery (all of which she documented on her blog). Her travels and studies have inspired much of her new collection of designs. Katharine just debuted the new collection at the National Stationery Show (seen above) and from what I've seen already between her shop and her blog, I know I'm going to want it all.

So there ya have it! There's a little peek at a couple of my favorite Etsy shops. Please check out these lovely ladies shops and spread a little love around the handmade community! 

All photos are property of each individual lady and were used with permission by each of the lovely ladies!


  1. I follow CHWH's blog every day. I love her style and creativity.
    Carin@Pimlott & Co on Etsy.

    1. She has such great stuff over there, and in her shop! Thanks for the comment and stopping by :)

  2. Thanks so much for the feature, I am so honoured to be up there with some incredibly talented artists! :) xoxo

    1. You are so welcome! All of you ladies are so creative :)


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