art gluttony

I am a fountain pen addict. There's just something about them that makes drawing even a simple line so much more fun and exciting. Albeit there's more potential for screwing it up but they definitely force you to learn how to master the simple tool and commit to every single line you draw. 

I bought my first fountain pen last fall in Italy at the Antique Festival in Arezzo. It was a used marbled pocket size pen that had no guarantee of actually working, but for 5 euro I wasn't going to complain! Luckily it did work once I added a new ink cartridge, and it's been an addiction ever since. 

My lovely friend Kate (one of the most avid and gifted fountain pen users/lovers I know) surprised me with my favorite pen, a gorgeous neon orange Kaweco with royal blue ink! This beauty has been with me every day since. 

As a result of it's frequent usage, I needed to buy some new ink. As a result of me being an art supply glutton, I bought new ink...aubergine purple and sepia...and a new pen, just to get the free shipping! 

Art gluttony at it's finest. 

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