24 before 25 update

Yesterday was my half birthday! Wow. 
6 months went by fast! This means I'll be 25 in 6 months...a very daunting thought. It also means I only have 6 months left to try and accomplish everything on my 24 before 25 list I wrote back in January...eek! 

I've made a lot of progress, on some more than others of course. This is list has been as tricky as normal resolutions would have been, but I've been much more successful overall with these 24 than any past year's few pitiful resolutions!

There are plenty I can cross off the list, and a bunch that will continue to be works in progress for the next 6 months. These are the ones I need to keep working on...maybe having them listed in another spot will keep me motivated to finish them and cross them off the list!

To Do:
1. Organize/downsize...a constant battle with my inner packrat/hoarder
4. Save more money...hopefully to be spent very soon on a big trip...more on that once it's set in stone...
5. Sketch more. I'm not sketching as much as I'd like but I've found other little ways to stay artsy active with my mini collage book
8. Mini road trips. Austin, check! Monterey, check! I need another one though, I'm getting pretty wanderlusty
9. Learn how to play guitar...
10. Sew more. I have been sewing more, but in ways I didn't expect (packaging for my Etsy shop, book pages, etc) 
11. Books into print. Kicking myself on this one. 
12. Send books to publishers. This one is in progress at least! I have sent query letters to a few and now that my schedule has calmed a bit, I can get some portfolios together to send at last!
14. Keep art bubble organized. It was...then 8 weeks of summer hell arrived...oops...
15. Children's books. I have a bunch of commissions, but again...summer has gotten in the way, no matter how hard I try to schedule working time. 
20. Surf more. Curse you gas prices!!!!
21. Don't lose my Italian. Oh madonnina...
22. Make pasta/focaccia more often....
23. Write more letters...

So...14/25 incomplete. Not bad. But not good either. There are still 6 months left so we shall see what happens. And we shall see if my old procrastinator ways continue to get in the way...one day at a time. 

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