Chair Faire part 2

The Chair Faire is this Saturday! Eek! It's been a little tricky finding time to work on these babies, but I keep finding bits of time here and there...

When I last left the chairs, I had just sanded them down and removed the backing to the Texan. I still need to reupholster the the Cheap-o with canvas, and I have decided what to paint on it: paisley! I've been doodling paisley designs in my sketchbook all week, might as well continue this little obsession. It was also high time to paint the Texan...

Let me preface this painting endeavor post by saying this, I am a very lazy painter. So lazy, that to paint the Texas I used just my hands and scrap of fabric I had lying around. Instead of digging through my bubble to find a brush, I just got dirty and covered in turquoise paint...and enjoyed every minute of the filthy splendor! 

I was also hesitant to use a paint brush for fear of fully covering up the paint still on the chair. Rubbing it on/in by hand preserved some of the lovely color already on the chair. So it was a semi intentional messy day of painting. 

That being said, here's a peek at the painting day for the Texan! I really love how the turquoise came out. It's a pretty close match to the paint that was already on the chair! All that's left now is macrame on the back, and some white pops on the base!

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